The Battle of the Modern Woman and the Grill

Allow me to take a moment to just bask in the glory of today’s monumental accomplishment as a single 29 year old woman living in los angeles:


Yes. Today I put together a gas grill completely by myself.

This past January, I moved to the beach, and decided that since I have such a happening pad (do kids say that anymore?), I need to start entertaining. I have a firepit and a few cute outdoor pieces of furniture, and all that was missing was the grill.

So I finally bought a grill in March, and it has been sitting on my patio since then, waiting to be put together. When I purchased it, the gentleman at Home Depot asked me if I wanted it assembled for a fee and I laughed him off, telling him I would have no problem figuring it out. I was SO wrong. I tried once, and got frustrated and decided to wait until I had a whole day and some patience to tinker with it. I finally found that patience this morning!

Those who know me, know that I’m a DIY kind of woman. That’s just the kind of family I come from, and I’m proud of it. If I can figure it out and am strong enough to do it myself, I will. It’s not even necessarily a matter of not wanting or not being able to pay someone to do things for me- it’s just how I was raised.

For example:

  • My Dad had a screwdriver in my hand when I was just 4 years old and I “helped” him build a swing set in our back yard
  • I builtĀ  my own headboard for my bed last year (from scratch).
  • I like to make dinner at home most of the time, instead of going out.
  • I painted my own office instead of hiring someone to do it.
  • I put together all of my own furniture from IKEA with little trouble.
  • I do my own computer repair & networking.
  • I do my own taxes.

I really just don’t like having to rely on someone else to do things for me, I guess.

This grill just may have broken me of that. Two hours of profanity and it is now standing in one piece and hopefully will work for my little BBQ tomorrow with my girlfriends!

I’m sure I”ll be chronicling my adventures in learning HOW to grill, because I have never actually used one.

Does anyone have any great recipes I should try?



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