No Pity for A Coward

I forgot how much I like this song.

The first time I heard this band, I was 22 years old and sitting in the first apartment I ever lived in alone. My friend hovered over my laptop, saying “you have to hear this new band I’m going to manage”. He played me a terribly low quality mp3 on my old laptop, and then played me some Job for A Cowboy for the first time.

As a recent music graduate, and therefore huge snob, my reaction was hysterical laughter to the JFAC, and a raised eyebrow to SS.

Flash forward a few months, they were signed and I was developing their first offical website, and getting sick of hearing “Ending is the Beginning”, because it would auto play every time I tested the homepage.

At the time, I remember thinking that while I could get into the music, there was no way this band could possibly appeal to a large audience.

It is now 6 years later. I was pretty wrong.

I don’t really listen to Suicide Silence on a regular basis anymore. I used to see them live A LOT (I’m willing to bet I was floating around somewhere at this show). I always favored their live show over listening to the albums – the energy was always the best at shows!

Today “No Pity For a Coward” came on to my Pandora playlist while I was running (yes, you read that right…”running”), and it helped me keep moving.

I’m a person who has always hated working out. I have done it, because I know it is important to staying healthy and honestly, I’m terrified of becoming fat, but I usually go a month and then get lazy.

With my dog and with this new view I have on my life and becoming “Christina version 2.0” or whatever you want to call it, I have been able to stick to a pretty regimented work out routine, and I even look forward to my daily running/yoga session.

I would not been able to do this without loud music. The driving rhythms and agression helps to push me forward, especially on days like today when it is overcast and I am extra sleepy!

I love and appreciate the fact that I can, at 28 years old, still put my headphones on and escape from everything, and have time to myself. 🙂

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