I have missed my world full of secrets…

My cat is perched on my chair behind me. He is seriously like the cutest thing ever. I wish my camera batteries weren’t dead so I could post a picture of us sitting together. How does a cat become so much of your life in such a short time?

I seriously would be soo upset if I ever had to get rid of Schubert. I always thought that people who were obsessed with cats were kinda weird. But I realize now, cats rule! They’re just like little people with fur. Hubcap even talks to me. Schubert hasn’t learned that yet, which I haven’t decided whether or not it is a good thing, but Hubcap is very talkative. And I enjoy both of them.

This weekend has been very nice and relaxing. Lots of ME time, which is SO nice because I haven’t had that in forever.

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