Internet Etiquette on AIM

I would like to take a moment out of my last hour of relaxation on my day of birth (before I go to work) to discuss internet etiquette.

Earlier this morning, I recieved an AIM request from this user. I accepted and here is the complete conversation which followed.

shadowsfear7I2: your tits are massive
Me: your penis is small
shadowsfear7I2: 🙁
Me: lol
Me: whos this
Me: and no wonder you have a warning level of 18
Previous message was not received by shadowsfear7I2 because of error: User shadowsfear7I2 is not available.

(at this point, I add this person to my buddy list and wait until he signs back on)

Me: that’s not a way to address a lady
shadowsfear7I2: FUCKFOFF!
shadowsfear7I2 signed off at 11:37:37 AM.

First of all, you begin conversations with “hi” or “hello,” especially if you do not know the person. Thanks for the reminder, but I am aware of the unnaturally large size of my breasts and I do not need to be reminded of it, especially in a way that includes the word “tits.”

Secondly, it seems by his cursing that this person was insulted by my response to his IM. I’m not sure how this is fair. His IM made me uncomfortable, so I responded in a way that would make him feel the same.

I am very open to talking to new people through AIM, but I do not tolerate sexist pigs. I recognize that the male species has certain obstacles they must overcome when dealing with us females, but acting like this is completely inappropriate.

The fact that he swore at me when I told him that was not the way to treat me proves that this person is either a 14 year old boy who has not learned to deal with women or that he is just a plain old asshole with one thing on his mind.

I suppose my main piece of advice is: Use your BRAIN when you initiate a conversation with someone. Unenlightened women may like it when you treat them like objects, but I don’t.

There is a difference between a funny pickup line and sexual harassment. Ask yourself if you would speak that way to me in a real-life situation. Something tells me that you wouldn’t walk up to me in a bar and begin raving about the size of my chest. . .

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