Well Hello There and Happy June!

I have returned from my trip! Well, actually I returned over a month ago but I’ve been going non stop for work and other things recently and haven’t had a moment to sit down to write.

Camping in Catalina was really great! It was so wonderful to catch up with my friend Julie, who I have known since senior year of high school and is such an awesome friend. I love that living by the beach means more people back east coming out to visit!

Before we went camping, my cousin Nate and his wife, Tiffany came out to visit. Their daughter, Ivy, and I made a sandcastle and then promptly smashed it. It was so much fun. Kids are so awesome.


Later that night, we headed out to American Junkie in Hermosa, which is now one of our weekly hangs. It got as crazy as usual.970317_980241042289_1172378381_n

And then we got on the Catalina Express, where Julie got a free ride since it was her birthday! We opted not to have our luggage towed up to the campground, so this is how I looked while I hiked uphill for about 2 miles to Hermit Gulch. Yep. Carrying my tent, my sleeping bag, my hiking pack, my SLR cam (pictures forthcoming once I have time to edit), and all of my other camping gear.


Probably the biggest change in my life recently is that I officially decided to keep Bebe. She has had her ups and downs, but it’s working out pretty well, and I think Buddy appreciates having someone to keep him company during the long hours I work some days.





Over the past weekend, I discovered the World On Wheels, my favorite rollerskating rink/bowling alley in LA was closing. We were lucky enough to make it out to the final Space is the Place Roller Disco party – so we went all out in costume.

Space is the Place Roller Disco at WOW

Space is the Place Roller Disco at WOW

I used to rollerskate very often growing up, and I was pretty good at it. Put some liquid courage in me, which gives me the idea that it would be a great idea to try a trick after not really skating much for 7 years and you end up with this:

Bruise from Rollerskating

Bruise I got from hitting the floor hard. It looks way worse now.



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