An Easy way to Spruce up an Apartment Wall

apartment therapy with curtains

So I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to decorate my new apartment. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things black. EVERYTHING I own is black. I finally decided that I wanted to add a pop of color to my apartment, and that the color would be teal, because it’s my favorite color aside from black.

I closed my office the first weekend of June (very bittersweet, but it was necessary to move on in life right now). These fun teal curtains left over, so I decided to re purpose them in my apartment. I think it really brightens the room, and love how it matches my little hanging candle holder. The thing I like about this is that if I do want to change the colors or style at any point in time, I can by just changing out the curtains! I also scored some really cute vases from the 99 cent store and some of those dried branches that you can see in the background of the lamp. Total cost of the curtain, vase w/branches & curtain rod was under $30. Win!

I’m going to top this off with a matching chair at some point, and maybe a throw blanket.

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