Opening my Music Studio

Half of my music studio is pretty much almost done and I”m stoked on it. So stoked, that I accidentally matched my shirt to the wall this morning.

I can’t believe how hard I’m finding it to decorate a 1600sq foot space. I guess having this huge open room in the middle doesn’t help, but I’ll figure something out 🙂

I went to Big Lots today and scored a ton of colorful decorative, kid-like stuff for pretty cheap. It’s possible I might be going overboard with the fun colors and theme, but I feel like this is me finally getting to be creative in a space of my own, which is something I can say I have never had full liberty to do in my entire life (I grew up in a bedroom with a pink comforter and hideous flower wallpaper that I did not choose!).

I am only going to decorate 3 of the 6 rooms initially, until we (meaning I) have more money to play with, so this atleast keeps a small cap on me going too crazy 🙂

Tomorrow I venture to Ikea and thereabouts to get some things to sit on and such.

At some point in the upcoming week, I have to find my way over to a keyboard store to get a higher quality keyboard as the one that I am using currently is the one that belongs in my apartment.

This is a big step for me. I’m really doing it. And I”m doing it mostly by myself (with lots of intermittent help from some super supportive friends), without the help of a small business loan.

Scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

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