My Dog is My Hero

It’s really amazing how much a little fur ball like this can change your life.

I didn’t realize how much dogs were pack animals until I had my own outside of my family, and since I have been the sole caretaker of one.

My little man, Buddy won’t do anything without me.

Yesterday when I was sick on my couch, he laid on top of me ALL day long.He didn’t even get up to pee.

He won’t eat his dinner until he sees me eating mine.

When I went out last Saturday night and didn’t come home until 9am the next morning (oops), I was pretty sure he hadn’t slept all night, because I came home to find him completely alert, staring at the front door intently.

He’s always there in the morning to remind me with a little “woo woo” sound that it’s time to go for our walk (which has happily gotten me in shape, finally!)

Needless to say, he is amazing and I am happy he is in my life.

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