Killswitch Engage – “My Last Serenade”

I’m almost positive I saw this band a bunch of times in high school, considering they were local to the area I grew up in, but I can’t remember because I didn’t keep track of all the bands  I saw back then.

Either way, I didn’t get into them until college.

I heard this album the first time as a junior when my serious music classes had been mostly completed and I was finally able to take a break from memorizing random obscure music history facts and re-enter the land of popular music.

I was pretty much in love with this song from the start. I hate to sub categorize “metal” (I hate categorizing music in general), but if I had to make up my own category for this band, it would under “guilty pleasure metal” along with Bullet for My Valentine, just because I think it is slightly more cheesy and more accessible to the general public than some of the other stuff I listen to 😉

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