Reflections on the Long Beach Pride Parade


Long Beach Pride Parade
© 2013 Christina L.


This weekend, it was LB Pride and my street was mostly shut down, so it was a weekend of partying.

I kicked it off on Saturday by being invited up to my neighbor’s party, where I walked in to the back patio and was greeted by his mother immediately shoving her hand rather violently down into my cleavage. Guess I can cross that one off the list in life? I found it amusing. Alright then. moving on….

This morning, I almost wasn’t going to drag myself to the parade due to a little too much partying the night before with my friends for my friend Silver’s birthday, but since I’m a very strong supporter of equal marriage rights, and the parade happened within walking distance of my house, I figured I’d drag my butt out of bed to check out the festivities. My friend , Colleen, has been talking about how it is her favorite day of the year here ever since I’ve known her, and now I know why! I’ve never seen such an outpouring of love at any public event  ever.

 I walked over to Colleen’s  house and when I arrived, I was promptly handed a rainbow colored jello shot:


Rainbow Jello shot
Copyright 2013 Christina L

I was expecting huge crowds and extremely flamboyant costumes like the West Hollywood Halloween party I went to last year, but what I got instead was a very peaceful & loving experience of watching people come together to support each other. There were people in costume, but mostly it was just people smiling, hugging, and being supportive of each other.It was amazing how many large companies (Wells Fargo, Jet Blue, etc) came out to show their support, as well as churches, local dog rescue groups, police, veterans, high school kids, and even parents of gay kids:


Proud Asian Dad of a Gay Kid
© 2013 Christina L.

This veteran was kind of riding by himself, and a woman came up to hug him and it almost brought me to tears. You can’t see very well in this photograph, but his left leg is missing.


Gay Veteran
Long Beach Pride Parade © 2013 Christina L.


Jesus didn’t turn people away -neither do we
copyright Christina L 2013

In the wake of all of the crap that goes on with Westboro Baptist Church, it was really refreshing to see so many churches marching in support. The signs they were holding made me regain a little bit of respect for organized religion. These people are true Christians.


Church Group that Supports Gay Rights
Long Beach Pride Parade © 2013 Christina L.


Open Minds, Open Hearts (First Congregational Church of Long Beach)
Long Beach Pride Parade © 2013 Christina L.


God wants Spiritual Fruits, not Religious Nuts
Copyright 2013 Christina L


God Loves Our Gay Son
Copyright Christina L 2013


Free Hugs
Copyright Christina L 2013

In addition to the religious groups, there were other  political and health related messages peppered throughout the parade:



Muslim Woman at Pride Parade
Copyright 2013 Christina L


Be Safe, Be You, Be Aware
Copyright 2013 Christina L


Cheerleaders Long Beach Pride Parade
Copyright 2013 Christina L

Obviously there were a lot of rainbows and some flamboyancy:


Long Beach Pride Parade © 2013 Christina L.



Drag Queen on Rollerskates
Copyright Christina L 2013


Long Beach Pride Parade
Copyright Christina L 2013


Hamburger Mary’s Float
Copyright Christina L 2013



Men in Drag
Copyright Christina L 2013


Copyright Christina L. 2013


Las Vegas Pride Float
Copyright Christina L 2013


Executive Suite of Long Beach
Long Beach Pride Parade © 2013 Christina L.

There was a lot of love:


Long Beach Pride Parade
Copyright Christina L 2013

And there were definitely a few good looking and/or really interesting people there:


Long Beach Pride
Copyright 2013 Christina L


La Strada
Long Beach Pride Parade
Copyright 2013 Christina L


It was really just a feel good event. I have a lot more photos to post, I’ll put them in a gallery at some point soon.


“kiss my rainbow”
Long Beach Pride Parade © 2013 Christina L.


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