My Favorite Music Videos #1: Smells Like Teen Spirit


Even though I grew up during the time MTV actually played music videos, I missed out on much of that movement because my parents were so strict.

I wasn’t completely deprived of music videos as a child, I just had to be sneaky about it. On a TV that looked like this, no less:

My super cool older cousin occasionally would babysit me and she would watch music videos, thinking I was out of the room or not paying attention. (This once also led me to accidentally seeing a really creepy scene from The Exorcist, which is a film I still cannot watch to this day.)

Either way, the nightmares from The Exorcist were worth it because my innocent 8 year old eyes were able to sneak a peak at my very first favorite music video and instantly fall in love – Smells Like Teen Spirit. Sneakers Tapping? Cheerleaders? Fog?  Guy with long hair jumping with a guitar? Tortured-looking teenagers?

So catchy, yet so dark! I was sold. This video was everything I was feeling on the inside, but wasn’t old enough to explain.

After that, the little moments of breaking the rules were tasty. Even though it took quite a few years, this was the beginning of music for me. Kudos and RIP to Mr. Cobain.

Edit: I just noticed a few things about this video I never paid attention to before.

1) Kurt Cobain is playing his guitar upside down.

2) One of the cheerleaders has a scarlet letter on her shirt.

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