This is the last piece of music I acutally sat down and seriously wrote. I think I would like to finish it this year (I started it in 2009)

I have an extreme fascination with Chopin’s Nocturnes – I’ve studied them extensively, written papers on them and played through almost all of them at one point, so I think this piece was somewhat inspired by that style. The more I listen to this, and the more I think about the approach (using sequencing) I was taking while writing this, the more “Beethoveny” it feels in some parts. But then I also have what I like to call the “evil twinkle twinkle” reference too, which makes me think of Mozart. Hmm. I shouldn’t be trying to analyze my own music so much, especially not at 3am.

Either way, it’s different for me, because while I was studying composition in college, I basically left behind music that sounded “good” and only wrote atonal and really modern sounding music (i.e. style of Arnold Schoenberg). I think this piece was me trying to get back a little piece of myself I thought I lost. Now I just need to finish it 😉

(and yes, that is me on keys, the ending is wonky because I was making it up on the spot 😉

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