53%ers figure it out early.

I think most of the people on this blog are kind of missing the point.

The folks that are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement aren’t expecting the government to shower them with big checks for doing nothing. And if they are expecting that, then they’re just as deluded as the folks on this blog who think everyone in this country has had the same opportunities they’ve had. Good on you for pulling yourself up by your own boot straps, but just because you got out of your bad situation/never faced one in the first place, doesn’t mean the same tactics will work for the millions of others in trouble today. If they did, do you really think we’d be in this crisis?

The fact is: not everyone can be super successful, but if we’re such a great nation, then surely we can allow our citizens to be secure (that is, a place to sleep, water to drink, some food to eat, and health care to keep them alive if something terrible happens), right? 

Also, I’ve been paying for my own health insurance since I was 22* (a theme that comes up again and again). What does that prove? We have good health? Well done, us. 

*Yes, I’m without health insurance now, but that’s because of my own decision to risk it for a bit rather than an inability to pay for it.

Oh, and this picture is just something chosen randomly. Not trying to single this guy out or anything.

THANK YOU. Agreed.

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