Weird Baby Stories

Couple is Raising Genderless baby

A canadian couple is not announcing the sex of their baby, and will allow the child to choose his/her own gender role when he is grown up.

This is just weird. I think it’s great to encourage your children to be whoever they feel they are from a young age – hair color, clothes, etc, but I think gender roles play a pretty important role in society, whether or not the child ends up being homosexual, or straight, or whatever.

I’m no expert, but after working with kids for so many years, I can definitely say there are extremely marked differences between the way girls & boys learn, need to be treated and behave at various stages of life.

Just the fact that they had to homeschool the older son worries me. Despite the fact that individualism is great, its a cold hard fact in life that sometimes, you do have to adapt to what society expects of you. Allowing complete freedom at a young age doesn’t really teach kids that there will be some point in their lives where they may have to comply with other people’s rules.

Parent Names his Daughter “Like” after Facebook

A couple from Israel has named their newborn daughter ‘Like’ after the social networking feature on Facebook.

The girl’s new moniker was inspired by a button which allows users to express their endorsement of photos, status updates and links.

Lior Alder and his wife Vardit live in the town of Hod Hasharon just outside Tel Aviv and said they wanted a name for their daughter that was ‘modern and innovative’.

They succeeded in choosing an original name, with their child reportedly the first and only person in the country with the name ‘Like’.

What? innovative? sorry, no, but that is just plain weird.

Illegal baby names

3) Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (Sweden)

Has Sweden banned any other names? Oh yes. Some favourites include Metallica, IKEA, Veranda and Q. Google was OK though.

That is by far, my favorite. Haha at someone tryign to name their kid “metallica” also.

Kid named after hitler & aryan nation

I was very glad to see that these “parents” won’t be getting custody of their kids.

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