This made me laugh SO hard.

In case you don’t get the reference right off the bat…

I actually liked this song for a brief time when I was in high school. Some songs always remind me of specific times in my life.

Everytime I hear Papa Roach and this song in particular, I am reminded of driving my first car (a little red 1995 neon) down a windy/foggy road in Holden (or Hudson?), MA where I had musical rehearsal. I think of my boyfriend at the time, how we always told each other that as soon as we were of age, we’d “Get out of here.” How I did and he didn’t. How he always used to say “see ya” instead of “goodbye.” Ahh nostalgia.

I guess every teenager is entitled to crappy music/movies/tastes -which is why I try very hard not to knock Twilight or Justin Bieber or some of that other crap that my teenage students are into. We all do it at some point!

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