Missoni Line at Target – What’s in a Name?

missoni target line

I came across this article discussing that with the coordination with Missoni, Target has proven that consumers still crave “luxury.”

This is one thing I never understood about fashion.

Does a famous name REALLY instantly make something more “luxurious” than something else?

I shop at Target for clothes occasionally. Not because they are cute. Not because they are high quality. I don’t consider any of the items they carry “luxurious” or special in any way.  I don’t really have the option of buying designer label clothing at the moment, and honestly, I often think a lot of the stuff that is out there is pretty hideous (horizontal zig zags on a bathing suit? Come on…UNFLATTERING)

I personally really don’t care too much about the name on my clothing, unless it signifies that it is less likely to fall apart, or is more comfortable than other clothing.

Does this whole Missoni thing really warrant camping outside Target? I’m not really sure…I find the patterns dizzying and the colors ugly (I never did like fall colors).

But then again, to each his own!


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