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The US Open of Surfing, Stupid People and Riots

I didn’t go to the US Open this year. I never go to the US Open.  I hate being in Orange County unless I’m at work. I hate crowds of annoying drunk people who have little to no regard for those around them. It’s just not my thing. Thursday night, I got out of work a few minutes earlier than…

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“Popular Radio” Should Just Put a Bullet in it Already

Ten to fifteen years ago, I thought radio stations (and in particular, “rock” radio stations) were the end all be all of music and entertainment. If you gave me a choice between TV and radio, I’d pick radio without batting an eyelash. I loved our local rock radio station in Massachusetts so much that I sometimes would plan my day…

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CFC Inhaler Ban

I think it’s great that we are trying to save the environment and such, but why can’t our government ban things  that are hurting people (like cigarettes), rather than things that HELP keep people alive? I am still very angry at whoever made the decision to ban asthma inhalers containing CFCs (CFC Inhaler Ban). Now I’m more angry, because the…

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Missoni Line at Target – What’s in a Name?

I came across this article discussing that with the coordination with Missoni, Target has proven that consumers still crave “luxury.” This is one thing I never understood about fashion. Does a famous name REALLY instantly make something more “luxurious” than something else? I shop at Target for clothes occasionally. Not because they are cute. Not because they are high quality.…

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Internet Etiquette on AIM

I would like to take a moment out of my last hour of relaxation on my day of birth (before I go to work) to discuss internet etiquette.

Earlier this morning, I recieved an AIM request from this user. I accepted and here is the complete conversation which followed.

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