Sasha Grey Reading to Kids

The young lady seated in front reading to these children in Compton, CA is “Sasha Grey,” a notable former porn star.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this, as long as she is not talking to the kids about her former career. She is dressed appropriately and professionally.It is a controlled environment. I’m also sure the teacher was in the room monitoring what was going on.

Yet, apparently this is causing complaints all across the board.

For those of you saying she should never be around children – have you ever been to Compton? I have. It’s scary. Really scary.

I honestly probably wouldn’t step foot there again.

I’m willing to bet many of these kids are rarely read to by their parents, and have been exposed to a lot worse things than what goes on in porn.

I’ve heard the name Sasha Grey for years but never seen any of her “work.” If there is a fear of these 8 year olds coming across some of her porn, there is a problem with the parenting there and it goes no further than that.

I think it’s actually great that she is giving back to a community which probably really needs it.

Kudos, girl.

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